Oundle School

As part of the Schools ongoing Sports Masterplan the athletics track was relocated to a prominent new location to allow the current track site to become the home of the new sports centre.

Oundle school needed a suitable surface for their new and impressive 5765m2 athletics track and infield areas, CONIPUR SP red was chosen for this specific project and the project was completed in June 2018.

The CONIPUR SP synthetic surface is the cost-effective multipurpose solution for athletics. The structural spray-coated surface is primarily used for running tracks, run-up tracks and athletics facilities. It has a structured surface that is also water-permeable, allowing for easy and fast installation.

Installed by Bernhard's Sport Surfaces.



Water permeable spray coated athletics track system

13mm thick polyurethane track system, with a PUR-bound elastic layer based on recycled granules and a 3mm PUR spray coating as a top layer


  • Ultra cost effective
  • Water permeable
  • Seamless and spike resistant
  • Wide range of colours
  • Fully tested to EN14877
  • World Athletics certified
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