Crawfordsburn Play Area

Playground surfacing and equipment installation specialist, Garden Escapes, completed this stunning project at a local play area by the Glen Nature Reserve in Crawfordsburn, Northern Ireland.

The existing playground had become very out dated and whilst other landscaping works were being undertaken, including a new car park, the client wanted to create a more vibrant and fun play area that included new play equipment and replacement of the safety surfacing.

The bright EPDM colours chosen complement each other and create a feeling of space, whilst also highlighting the new equipment perfectly.


Outdoor wet pour

CONICA wet pour safety surfacing is designed to provide water permeable, decorative, durable and safe surfaces for outdoor play areas.

Wet pour surfacing is typically installed using two layers; a base layer of SBR recycled tyre rubber granule and a top layer of coloured EPDM granules.  Both will be bound using a flexible, single part moisture curing polyurethane binder.


  • EN1177 certified
  • Highest quality material and specification
  • Wide range of colours
  • Excellent UV resistance
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