Croydon Youth Zone

Croydon Youth Zone has been named by young people in the area as Legacy it’s a purpose built facility for the borough’s young people. The infrastructure of the facilities is based on Onside Youth Zones 21st century model and includes a high class main sports hall and a Martial Arts Gym.

The CONIPUR AE Eco surface was selected to be installed in both areas as it was found to be the best overall surface and design for this project which spans 582m2 for the main hall and 98m2 in the small gym.

The CONIPUR AE offers very great foot stability for athletes due to its rigid wooden matrix base, the accessibility and loads with sports equipment as well as multi-purpose use is almost unlimited. The requirements regarding the flatness of the subbase are lower compared to point and mixed elastic PU sports floors.

Installed by Dynamik Sports.



An area elastic sports hall system, with options available to meet any need

This flexible polyurethane system is installed in conjunction with a wooden matrix, below which sits a shock absorbing foam layer, to create a system suitable for sports where impact needs to be dispersed over a wider area.


  • Highly resilient area elastic system
  • Wheelchair friendly
  • Resilient surface with minimal local deformation
  • High impact and scratch resistant
  • Wide range of options available
  • Ultra durable


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