St Joseph’s Primary School, Barnoldswick

Playground design and build specialists, Let's Play Everywhere, installed this outdoor fitness area for the students at St. Joseph’s Primary School in Barnoldswick.

CONIPAVE RA was chosen to surround the new equipment, providing added comfort and safety for the children who use it.

This product uses end of life tyres in granular form, together with natural aggregates and polyurethane binder, to deliver environmentally friendly high performance surfacing.

The client is really impressed with the surfacing and is already planning further areas where it can be used.



The perfect solution for projects requiring outstanding levels of water permeability. 

Recycled SBR truck tyre rubber and decorative aggregate blend, in conjunction with a flexible, moisture curing polyurethane binder to create a high strength surface.

Areas of application:

  • Golf course pathways
  • Care home hard landscaping
  • School daily mail tracks
  • Canal and cycle paths
  • Equestrian areas
  • Nature trails


  • Excellent water permeability
  • High levels of slip resistance
  • Easy, low cost installation
  • Decorative with bespoke finishes available


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