Environmental/sustainability policy statement

The Conica Ltd facility in Newark is registered with the Environment Agency as a material recycling and waste treatment facility under permit number 43065.

Under this permit, the site receives over 500,000 end of life truck tyres per annum.  This equates to circa 20,000 metric tonnes.  These tyres would otherwise go to landfill.

Once the tyres are received, they go through a full recycling process which creates a number of valuable raw materials.

The main part of the recycled output is SBR rubber granules ranging in size from 0.5mm to 12mm.   This output equates to circa 13,000 tonnes per annum.  Over 99% of these granules go to customer who use them in bound form, so there is no risk of them becoming a microplastic hazard.

The second highest output is that of clean steel wire in various formats which gets sold to partners who use it for steel castings and concrete re-inforcement.  This output equates to circa 6,500 tonnes per annum.

The remaining volume of material is; fabric from within the tyres, rubber dust and a small amount of unclean steel.  All of these by-products are also sold off for re-use or further reprocessing.

Due to the innovative way in which Conica Ltd handles end of life tyres, over 99% of materials that make up each tyre gets recycled into essential raw materials, avoiding the need for landfill.


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