New hard wearing indoor sports hall surface

One of the key challenges with developing a sports hall surface is delivering excellent sports performance, whilst also ensuring the surface can stand up to the wear and tear it will encounter through day to day use.  This is even more of a challenge when the sports hall is within a school or local authority facility where equipment is constantly being moved, added and removed to allow for multiple sports to be played in the area.  Further complicating the challenge is that these spaces often need to be used for meetings, school assembles, exams and other public events.

As a global leader in the supply of sports hall surfacing, CONICA’s R&D team has decades of experience in developing high performance seamless sports surfacing.  Following extensive market research and testing, and having drawn on all of our experience, we have developed the ideal solution and are pleased to be able to launch our brand new CONIPUR AE XT system.  This area elastic, seamless polyurethane system has been developed to offer best in class abrasion and scratch resistance making it the ideal solution for school and local authority sports halls.

The system also offers far better resistance against tearing than traditional sheet flooring and polymeric surfaces, so provides a greatly reduced risk of damage when things like netball posts and goalposts get dragged across the surface.

CONICA CONIPUR AE XT – Outstanding sports performance, with real life practicality.




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