Rubber mulch is a cost-effective, and coloured recycled product. It blends colour coated recycled SBR tyre shred with a flexible, moisture curing polyurethane binder.

However, at CONICA, we also use colour coated recycled SBR tyre granules to create a pre-blended granule/shred mix that provides outstanding strength and an easier to finish, and more consistent, surface than can be created when using mulch compromising of just shred.

CONICA rubber mulch is often used for playground surfacing projects where a low-cost solution is required that still meets stringent critical fall height requirements (to EN1177). It provides a safer, low cost, alternative to traditional bark chippings or a loose fill surface found at play areas. It is typically installed in a single layer which enables very fast and low-cost installation. However, larger areas can be completed even more cost-effectively using a base layer of SBR rubber, followed by a top layer of 20mm of rubber mulch.

Ideal for:

  • Playground safety surfacing
  • Golf club pathways
  • Daily mile tracks
  • Garden borders
  • Rural pathways
  • Tree pits
  • Decorative landscaping

The CONICA range consists of 6 subtle and natural-looking colours made from recycled type rubber that can be used individually or blended on-site to create safety surfacing that blends and complements the surrounding landscape.

When wet pour safety surfacing is beyond budget, CONICA colour coated rubber mulch is the perfect answer.

Features and benefits:

Low cost material that can be installed quickly

Ultra cost effective solution

Excellent water permeability

Puddle free and easy to clean

Subtle colours and carefully selected particle size/shape

Natural look that blends with the surrounding environment

Insitu refurbishment option available

Extended product life, outstanding lifetime value