This 3 mm high performance structured polyurethane spray coating is a cost-efficient solution for all sport and leisure paths.

It is designed to create a water-permeable, highly cost-effective activity surface for application directly on to existing concrete or asphalt surfaces.  This makes CONIPUR JP ECO the perfect solution for existing urban areas where local authorities and property owners want to create activity areas that are clearly demarcated from public walkways.

The textured surface of CONIPUR JP ECO provides optimum grip and slip resistance, whilst the permeability creates puddle free and safe surfaces, suitable for use all year round.

To further enhance the look and performance, CONICA offers a high quality, UV-stable PU sealing lacquer that protects the surface from staining, makes it easier to clean and ensures the colour stays vibrant for longer.

CONIPUR JP ECO can also be combined with CONIPUR J Base which is perfect for areas where there is no existing substrate or when enhanced impact resistance is required.

CONIPUR JP ECO – the cost-effective solution for urban sport and leisure activities

Features and benefits:

Installed thickness of only 3mm thick

Cost effective, suitable for existing substrates without creating a trip hazard

Water permeable and slip resistant

Suitable and safe for all year round use

Can be enhanced with a sealing lacquer

Improved durability and aesthetics

Red pathway track running through a park with green bushes on both sides.
Red pathway running over a yellow stoned bridge.
Conipur JP Eco1
Conipur JP Eco2