When designing a fun and colourful splash pad or pool surround, safety is an essential requirement meaning the surface should drain freely. To avoid standing water, and must provide a secure footing so that the risk of slipping is significantly reduced.  Additionally, a soft surface is ideal for minimising the risk of injury resulting from a trip or fall.

Following extensive research and development,  CONIPLAY A was developed to offer the market colourful, bright, durable and incredibly safe solutions and to further enhance safety, a shock pad layer can be incorporated into the system design to offer protection in line with a wide range of critical fall heights (tested to EN1177:2018).

The CONIPLAY A range consists of water permeable (AP) and impermeable (AI) options, both are fully resistant to chlorinated and sea water to offer outstanding durability.

Ideal for:

  • Swimming pool surrounds
  • Leisure pool surrounds
  • Splash pads
  • Changing and toilet areas
  • pathways
  • Spas

CONIPLAY A – enhanced safety and durability for wet areas

Features and benefits:

Fully resistant to all commonly encountered chemicals

Outstanding durability

Tested for critical fall height to EN1177:2018

Protects against head injuries in the event of a fall from height

Wide range of bold and vibrant colours available

Get creative and make the surfacing match the theme

Unique hygienic properties

Safe and low maintenance

CONIPLAY A surfacing used in splash parks
CONIPLAY A surfacing used in splash parks
CONIPLAY A surfacing used in splash parks
Coniplay A