Until now, bespoke EPDM logos and graphics had to be created by hand with each coloured section being installed separately from the next.  This process is time consuming and expensive, and in some cases not even possible given the level of detail required.

All of these challenges can be overcome by using CONICA’s brand new solution.  Any logo, of any size, can be perfectly recreated in the finest detail using 0.5-1.5mm or 1.0-3.5mm coloured EPDM granules.  Each separate colour/part of the design will be precision cut using high pressure water jet technology.  Once all parts have been cut, the overall design is assembled, like a jigsaw, and placed on a backing mesh to simplify installation.  The overall finished thickness is circa 11mm.

Each logo will be delivered to site as a complete piece, or in the case of very large designs, in sections with a special interlocking edge detail to ensure a seamless finish is achieved.  All the installer needs to do is determine the required location, apply an adhesive to the sub base and place the design into position.

What used to take many hours, or even days, can now be achieved in minutes and to a quality that surpasses anything that can be created by even the very best installer.

Features and benefits:

Any design and any size

Unlimited creative flexibility

Precision cut and pre-assembled

Easy to install

Factory manufactured

Ultra cost effective and fast to install

Ultra fine detail using differing sizes of EPDM

Unrivalled quality