CONICA hybrid mulch utilises our standard colour coated rubber mulch in combination with an impact absorbing SBR base layer.  Fully tested to EN1177:2018, this solution delivers an even more cost effective solution when compared with standard rubber mulch.

Rather than install the full thickness required to achieve the required critical fall height using an expensive colour coated product, much of the thickness is created using a far cheaper SBR impact absorbing layer, with just the final 30mm being colour coated mulch.

This solution is ideal for larger areas where the cheaper total material cost offsets any additional labour cost (which may be necessary with a two layer installation), to provide an even more cost effective surface for the end customer.

Thicknesses range from 50 – 120mm and critical fall height results are almost identical to single layer rubber mulch (for an equivalent thickness).

COINICA hybrid rubber mulch is ideal for:

  • Playground safety surfacing
  • Golf club pathways
  • Daily mile tracks
  • Garden borders
  • Rural pathways
  • Tree pits
  • Decorative landscaping

The CONICA range consists of 6 subtle and natural-looking colours made from recycled tyre rubber that can be used individually or blended on-site to create safety surfacing that blends and complements the surrounding landscape.

To reduce projects costs without compromising safety, CONICA hybrid mulch is the perfect solution.

Features and benefits:

Lower material cost when compared to standard rubber mulch

Ultra cost effective solution

Excellent water permeability

Puddle free and easy to clean

Subtle colours and carefully selected components

Natural look that blends with the surrounding environment

Insitu refurbishment option available

Extended product life, outstanding lifetime value