This cost effective 2 or 3 coat epoxy system is designed for basement car parks,  internal car park decks and covered ramps.   It utilises a pre-filled and pigmented epoxy primer to help hide substrate imperfections.  The primer can be further filled to create a scratch coat of up to 3mm in thickness.

CONIPROOF PEF is a rigid system, suitable for medium to heavy mechanical loads.  It is tested to EN1504-2 and is class OS 8 certified to German standard DIN V 18026.

Features and benefits:

Excellent chemical and mechanical load resistance

Highly durable

Tested to EN1504-2 and DIN V 18026 (Class OS 8)

Guaranteed performance, a low risk choice

Bold and bright top coats with excellent opacity

Clear demarcation with vibrancy that lasts

Filled primer that can be tailored to provide a higher film thickness

Covers substrate imperfections, lowers the cost of installation