This premium polyurethane waterproofing system utilises a double crack bridging layer to provide optimal protection for top decks exposed to the extremes of weather.  This double layer, a dedicated independent membrane and a flexible wear coat, provides outstanding protection against both static and dynamic crack risk.

The fully broadcast surface offers high levels of skid resistance and the bold colours available enables clear demarcation of vehicle and pedestrian areas.

CONIPROOF PPC DL is a highly flexible system, that provides excellent mechanical and chemical resistance.  It is tested to EN1504-2 and is class OS 11a certified to German standard DIN V 18026.

Features and benefits:

Double layer protection – waterproofing and crack bridging

Designed to handle the extremes, ultra low risk of water ingress

Excellent chemical and mechanical load resistance

Highly durable

Tested to EN1504-2 and DIN V 18026 (Class OS 11a)

Guaranteed performance, a low risk choice

Bold and bright top coats with excellent opacity

Clear demarcation with vibrancy that lasts