Historically, car park design focused only on the parking areas.  However, the modern parking experience, and often the key consideration regarding parking location choice, is defined by the customer interface areas (walkways, lobbies, entrance areas, stairwells and payment technology).  It is essential that these areas are welcoming, bright, clean and safe.  Luckily, resin flooring technology provides the ideal solution.

  • Walkways.  Well defined walkways are essential to pedestrian safety.  They clearly demarcate vehicle areas and identify the safe zones for walking.   They are best completed using bright and bold colours that should stand out from the more muted tones that are ideal for drive aisles and parking bays.  Using colour coding that is unique to each level of a multi-storey car park makes it easier for customers to navigate and locate their vehicle .Walkways are best defined during the initial decking installation through the use of seal coats, however CONICA can also supply stand alone solutions for existing car parks or those that don’t require a full car park decking system.
  • Stairwells.  These areas are rarely used in a modern car park, so are often neglected.  However, during busy periods when lift access times increase, or when lifts are out of service, they become a key traffic route.  Accordingly, they should provide a slip resistant surface with clearly defined nosings to ensure customer safety.Our CONIFLOOR IPS SR, CONIFLOOR IES SR and CONIFLOOR COLOURED QUARTZ systems are ideal for stairwells.
  • Lobbies and entrance areas.   Probably the most important aesthetic area of car park design are the main interfaces that link to the car park to the surrounding environment.  In many cases this could be a shopping centre, office block or retail store, so it is essential that these are bright and welcoming and mirror the design theme used within the linked building.  Accordingly, the flooring in these areas should have more of a decorative commercial feel, with enhanced slip resistance if required.Our CONIFLOOR LPC, CONIFLOOR UPD and CONIFLOOR IPS SR systems are perfectly suited for these areas and will deliver that real WOW! factor.

Whatever your requirement, CONICA offers a range of high performance, cost effective solutions that can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

Features and benefits:

Wide range of colours and surface textures available

Aesthetically stunning, safe under foot

Cushioned options available

Reduced noise levels

Extensive range of products available

Tailored, bespoke solutions to meet every budget