The key to the performance of any surfacing solution is the use of high quality components, in line with a detailed and ‘fit for purpose’ specification

CONICA provides comprehensive technical specifications for all of our standard systems which comply fully with all mandatory health, safety and environmental requirements at regional and local levels.  Additionally, our sports surfaces are tested and certified to the requirements of major international sports bodies/authorities including, amongst others, World Athletics, IHF, ITF, BWF and FIBA.

One of the key strengths of CONICA is helping our customers achieve exactly what they need by matching requirements to the best technical solution.    If nothing suitable currently exists, and where viable, CONICA can create hybrid or totally bespoke specifications to achieve previously unavailable levels of performance.

Each and every solution we develop draws on over 40 years of experience in the industries we serve, and will be extensively tested to ensure unrivalled performance and durability can be achieved.

Ultimately, a CONICA specification delivers PEACE OF MIND – reliable and durable performance from the industry’s foremost expert.


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