This 15mm full PUR track system offers the highest quality and longevity, whilst being highly cost efficient due to the use of recycled SBR rubber granules in the base and intermediate layers.

To enhance shock absorption, the intermediate layer utilises an innovative foamed binder to introduce air pockets that cushion and dissipate impact.

CONICA MX+ is the entry level into full PUR performance.  It has been designed to fit into the gap between our sandwich system, CONIPUR SW, and high  performance full PUR system, CONIPUR M.

It is ideal for when customers want the type of performance provided by a full PUR system, but budget constraints won’t allow a full PUR, using virgin material, to be selected.

This system is widely used in countries where a consistent, high quality, recycled SBR rubber granule can be sourced.

CONICA MX+, the most cost effective full PUR solution 

Features and benefits:

Full PUR system

Ultimate durability

Utilises recycled SBR rubber granules

High performance at a lower cost

Innovative foamed intermediate layer

High performance, reduced risk of injury

Conipur MX outdoor