This 13mm polyurethane bound two layer system utilises a recycled SBR shock pad layer topped with a spray applied EPDM coating.

It is designed as a surface for multi use games areas (MUGA), so is perfect for basketball, tennis, netball and football/futsal.  MUGAs are often installed in schools or urban areas where space is at a premium and the needs of the potential user community diverse.

The enhanced slip resistance available due to the textured surface finish makes a CONIPUR POLYMERIC the ideal choice for use in schools, and the water permeability ensures the surface dries quickly to maximum available playing time, ideal for local authority facilities.

The seamless and highly durable nature of the CONIPUR POLYMERIC system delivers low maintenance and overall  life cycle costs.

CONICA offers 24 individual EPDM colours, so let your imagination and creativity design a truly engaging space.

CONIPUR POLYMERIC, the perfect school multi sports surface

Features and benefits:

Spray applied technology

Fast to install with excellent slip resistance

Water permeable, so drains quickly

Maximised availability for use

24 bold and vibrant colours available

Engaging spaces with clear demarcation

Seamless and hard wearing

Outstanding value, low life cycle costs

CONIPUR SP Sky Blue polymeric system Moor Allerton Primary School