This 30mm thick surface comprises of a base layer of clay chippings, mixed with a special binder, and topped with clay sand.

Thanks to its compacted and absolutely even surface, CONIPUR PRO CLAY guarantees outstanding and constant playing characteristics, such as uniform sliding properties and constant ball rebound behaviour.   It is easy on the joints and reduces the risk of injury.

CONIPUR PRO CLAY provides the perfect all year round surface and requires minimal maintenance.  Thanks to the excellent water permeability, the surface is quickly playable again after rainfall.

Additionally, the inset pre-formed lines remain visible all year round without the need for re-application which reduces cost and maximises court availability.

CONIPUR PRO CLAY, the ultimate clay court surface

Features and benefits:

Water permeable and frost resistant

The perfect all year round surface

Perfectly flat and easy on the joints

Consist performance, with reduced risk of injury

Outstanding durability and easy to maintain

Low annual cost, excellent life-time value

Inset pre-formed lines

Always visible, no need to regularly re-mark

Conipur pro clay outdoor1
Conipur pro clay outdoor2