These innovative solutions provide a cost-efficient and easy method for refurbishing all common athletics track systems.   Using high-quality polyurethane coatings, together with the best coloured EPDM available, CONICA has developed 3 innovative solutions;

  • A water permeable track re-topping system
  • A standard impermeable track re-topping system
  • VMAX re-topping (get VMAX performance from an existing impermeable track)

All our re-topping solutions are designed for an existing track to be refurbished to a standard that would enable full certification to World Athletics requirements, thus ensuring that technical and functional requirements are delivered to the highest level.

It is also possible to use CONICA RETOP solutions to renovate in-situ or prefabricated track systems.

Re-topping an existing track offers financial and environmental benefits.  The original track system is retained as a base and only the wearing layer is renewed.  This results in minimal waste disposal costs and, at the same time, reduced use of new materials.  It is also much faster to complete than a full replacement.  For owners and operators this has a very positive effect on the life cycle costs and for athletes the performance is restored to that of a new track (or even better).

CONICA has more than 25 years of experience in the sustainable refurbishment of all kinds of track systems, many of which have been certified according to World Athletics Class 1 or Class 2.

CONIPUR RETOP, restore full performance at a fraction of the cost of new

Features and benefits:

Utilises the existing base, requiring less new material

Environmentally friendly and cost effective

Three innovative options available

A solution for every type of athletics track surface

Full wearing course replacement and/or enhancement

Restore performance to ‘as new’, or better

Over 25 years of tried and tested experience

Peace of mind and guaranteed performance

Conipur retop indoor1
Conipur retop indoor2