This 14mm full PUR track system heralds a new generation of ultra high performance athletics tracks, designed for today’s elite athletes.

CONIPUR VMAX is the result of extensive research and development, conducted in close cooperation with the sports science department at the University of Cologne.  Extensive biomechanical data, from top athletes, was analysed to enable the team to develop a track that is measurably faster and safer than any track before it.


The force-stabilising top layer ensures fast and controlled forward movement of the athlete. The surface absorbs less energy which enables the runner to maximise force transmission and performance right up to the finish line.  CONIPUR VMAX is especially effective for sprint events.


The track is characterised by an excellent structural integrity with low deformation, which provides the athlete with optimal and stable running safety.  The embedded air cells within the base layer provide optimal compression to reduce stress on joints.


The exceptionally high mechanical properties of the top layer ensure maximum resilience and durability.


To further enhance the suitability of CONIPUR VMAX for indoor facilities, it is available in a flame retardant version.


CONIPUR VMAX, redefining athletics tracks to deliver record breaking performance

Features and benefits:

Biomechanically proven

Faster and safer than anything before it

Full PUR system

Ultimate durability

Unique formulation

Very low maintenance

Efficient two layer installation

Faster installation, lower cost

Coninpur Vmax indoor1