CONICA Smoothing Agent – now available in a smaller size

Clean tools are essential to the installation of a high quality rubber safety surface.  This is true both before, and during, the installation to remove ‘pick up’ and to allow trowels, screed bars and rollers to glide across the surface with minimal further pick up.

Whilst cleaning tools is essential, some of the methods used can result in installation issues, surface defects and long term performance issues.

One of the commonly used solutions for tool cleaning is soapy water.  In itself, this method is effective and appears to be problem free. However, the reality is that over use of water and localised spills can cause binder curing issues that may result in weakening of the surface, discoloration and even surface cracking.

Another method, now thankfully in decline, is the use of diesel. This solution is not environmentally friendly, can cause adhesion issues between layers and can also leave oil slick staining on the surface.

On rare occasions, it has been known for white spirit to be used. This approach will result in inadequate curing of the binder and is likely to cause premature wear and even failure of the surfacing.

The best tool cleaning solution by far is a dedicated cleaner/smoothing agent that will not have any detrimental effect on curing and performance. The CONICA solution is called Smoothing Agent. Originally available in 25kg kegs, CONICA is pleased to announce the launch of a 5kg version. This new cost effective size is ideal for smaller projects, and for installers with multiple installation teams.


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