CONIPAVE RA is the perfect solution for outdoor surfacing projects requiring outstanding levels of water permeability such as decorative cycle paths. The system utilises a recycled SBR truck tyre rubber and decorative aggregate blend, in conjunction with a flexible, moisture curing polyurethane binder to create a high strength surface. It is also decorative, flexible, slip-resistant and provides unrivalled levels of water permeability. As such, it is fully SUDS compliant.

The unique benefits of CONIPAVE RA make it an ideal surfacing solution for;

  • Golf course pathways
  • Hospital and care home hard landscaping
  • School daily mile tracks
  • Canal and cycle route paths
  • Decorative paths
  • Equestrian areas
  • Nature trails
  • Tree surrounds
  • Walkways & paths

As well as all public walkways and hard landscaping areas.

Impermeable surfacing, or surfacing with limited permeability, often requires planning permission. Approval can then require expensive runoff management solutions. As a SUDS compliant product, providing outstanding water permeability, CONIPAVE RA reduces or eliminates many of these challenges.

CONIPAVE RA – the perfect water-permeable surfacing solution


Please note; CONIPAVE RA is not suitable for driveways or areas that receive regular car, motor vehicles or truck traffic.

Features and benefits:

Outstanding water permeability

Puddle free, reduced risk of flooding, SUDS compliant

Fast and easy to install

Reduced groundworks, outstanding value for money

Flexible and slip resistant

Reduced risk of cracking, low risk of injury

Decorative, with bespoke finishes available

Unique solutions that complement the surrounding environment

Path next to a green fence that's enclosing a grass football pitch.
Rubber Mulch filled in a tree surround on a pavement.