This filled epoxy system has excellent self smoothing properties making it ideal for areas where a high build coating isn’t sufficient to handle potential impact and/or to mask substrate imperfections.  Typical installation thickness is 2-3mm.

The enhanced thickness improves impact resistance, making the system suitable for medium to heavy duty wheeled (pallet truck and fork lift truck) and foot traffic.

To ensure this system is highly cost effective, it utilises our outstanding CONIFLOOR 570C high build epoxy coating, in combination with a separately supplied filler bag.  Whilst the system is designed so that the pack sizes of the resin and filler are perfectly matched, the supply of the filler in a separate bag allows the installer to tailor flow properties, depending on site conditions (by altering the amount of filler added).

This smooth, gloss and hard wearing finish is suitable for areas that include:

  • Dry production areas
  • Warehouses
  • Packing halls
  • Circulation areas
  • Showrooms

This solvent free, chemical resistant system has excellent opacity and is available in an extensive range of colours.

FeRFA (BS8204-6): Type 5

Features and benefits:

Excellent resistance to impact, abrasion and chemical attack

Durable and reliable

Filled 2-3mm system

Resilient, extremely cost effective

Smooth and seamless

Impermeable and easy to clean

Excellent opacity, available in a wide range of colours

Easy to install, bold and bright finishes