This textured industrial epoxy coating is ideal for light and medium duty areas where a slip resistant surface is required.  Typical installation thickness is circa 1mm.

CONIFLOOR IET is extremely cost effective, easy to clean and is resistant to a wide range of chemicals, making it suitable for areas that include:

  • Wet production areas
  • Retail storage space
  • Packing halls
  • Plant rooms
  • Workshops

This solvent free, hard, thixotropic system has excellent opacity and is available in an extensive range of colours.

FeRFA (BS8204-6): Type 3

Features and benefits:

Thixotropic textured coating

Cost effective, slip resistant

Excellent resistance to abrasion and chemical attack

Durable and reliable

Seamless and impermeable

Easy to clean

Excellent opacity, available in a wide range of colours

Easy to install, bold and bright finishes