This light duty industrial epoxy coating is water based making it very low cost, with low odour during application.   Glass beads can be added to the second coat to enhance slip resistance.

Typical installation thickness is circa 0.2mm.

CONIFLOOR IWL is ultra cost effective, reduces dusting and its vapour permeable properties make it ideal for magnesite and calcium sulphate (anhydrite or alpha-hemihydrate) screeds.

This smooth, silk finish system is ideal for areas that include:

  • Light industrial units
  • Store rooms
  • Plant rooms
  • Workshops

CONIFLOOR IWL is available in black and a varying shades of grey.

FeRFA (BS8204-6): Type 2

Features and benefits:

Water based coating

Low cost, low odour

Vapour permeable

Ideal for moisture sensitive screeds

Smooth seamless finish

Easy to clean and maintain