Sporting success often requires the athletic to push their bodies to the limit.  To protect against injury and to enhance comfort and stamina, many sports surfaces include an impact absorbing layer.  CONICA, as a world leading sports surfacing supplier, has developed a number of high performance solutions to address this challenge.

  • Artificial turf shock pads.  Conica Ltd produces the highest quality recycled tyre rubber granule that, when mixed with a flexible CONIPUR shock pad binder, provides the perfect solution for this key element of the pitch design.  We can offer varying pack sizes to meet your project specific requirements.
  • Indoor sports surfaces.  Point elastic sports hall surfaces are one of the most widely specified.  These systems utilise a shock absorbing layer which is most often a pre-formed rubber mat.  This mat then received a pore sealer in preparation for the final flexible coating system.  CONICA offers an extensive range and thicknesses of mat to enable our CONIPUR HG system to deliver outstanding sports performance.  We also supply the adhesive and pore sealer required for successful mat installation. As an alternative to the traditional rubber mat solution, CONICA has developed a full PUR elastic layer that provides performance equivalent to the best quality mats on the market.  This single application product removes the need for the mat to be installed on to an adhesive layer, and the following two pore sealer applications.  This shortens the overall installation process by at least 3 days. If a project has a need for enhanced flexibility, CONICA also offers foam mats to further complement our CONIPUR HG range.

Whatever level of impact reduction your sports surface needs to deliver, CONICA has the solution